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Adding the best talent to your workforce

We know what great talent looks like. We can help add great people to your team.
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As the world moves to everything digital, the skills needed for the digital enterprise will be significantly different from the skills needed so far.

We believe that only those who truly understand technology can help find the right set of people to be part of your digital transformation team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Mgneto works hand in glove as extensions of customer’s recruiting team, often with teams onsite, while taking end to end ownership of recruiting processes and results

Bespoke Recruiting

Mgneto works collaboratively with customer’s recruiting team on specific positions to fulfill critical roles recruiting processes and results relationships.

Executive Placements

Mgneto works with customer’s executive management team to fill crucial leadership roles within the company

Hire Manage Transfer

Mgneto builds a center of excellence around a specific competency for a customer with employees on Mgneto’s payroll, with an option to transfer employees to customer payroll upon meeting specific milestones

Hire Certify Transfer

 Mgneto builds a center of excellence around a specific competency for a customer with employees on Mgneto’s payroll only for the duration of training and certification, after which they transfer to customer payroll

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What we do

What we do

Recruitment & staffing

We can help you hire full time employees or contingent workers. Mgneto has a very flexible model ensuring that you get the people you want based on your needs and constraints.


Recruiting is not simply about finding the best talent. It is also about making your company highly desirable for the smartest people in town. We can help you transform into becoming the company everyone wants to work for.

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We are the game changing partner your organisation needs

We know where you want to be.

And we can help you get there.

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