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Adding the best talent to your workforce

We know what great talent looks like. We can help add great people to your team.
Who are we

Who we are

As the world moves to everything digital, the skills needed for the digital enterprise will be significantly different from the skills needed so far. We believe that only those who truly understand technology, can help find the right set of people to be part of your digital transformation team.


Mgneto provides a full range of solutions for temporary & permanent staffing in the areas of software engineering, project management, program management and information technology. Mgneto also provides consulting services in leadership strategy including culture, employer branding and next generation work-force engagement.


Mgneto is a recruiting company with a difference. We understand that any company on the path to 'everything digital' wants partners who themselves are digital natives. Mgneto is designed from the ground up to make all interactions which can be digital, completely digital; without giving up the human interactions that build trusted long term relationships.


We believe that the future of recruiting will always be human; but it will be increasingly augmented by tools and technologies like artificial intelligence & machine learning. Mgneto's vision is to be the recruiting partner of choice for its customers by having the best modern digital processes built on technologies which make the best match with the least effort.

What we do

What we do

Recruitment & staffing

We can help you hire full time employees or contingent workers. Mgneto has a very flexible model ensuring that you get the people you want based on your needs and constraints.


Recruiting is not simply about finding the best talent. It is also about making your company highly desirable for the smartest people in town. We can help you transform into becoming the company everyone wants to work for.

How we can help

We are the game changing partner your organisation needs

We know where you want to be.

And we can help you get there.

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